The Best Hemorrhoid Treatment Remedies

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What are the best natural treatments for hemorrhoids?

The best hemorrhoid treatments include over the counter medicines like hemorrhoid cream, suppositories, soothing wipes, aloe vera gel, witch hazel, and sitz bath. 

Did you know that one in three people under the age of 50 suffer from hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are characterized by the inflammation of the rectum and the bulging of the surrounding veins. Hemorrhoid creams are some of the best selling items in the healthcare niche. If you suffer from this common disorder, you will be happy to know that there are many natural remedies that are very effective for hemorrhoid treatment. 

Change and improve your eating habits

For many people, poor nutrition is responsible for most of their hemorrhoids attacks. To rid your self of this disorder, it is important to avoid foods that can cause constipation and hard stool. Try eating foods that are rich in fiber instead. The recommended amount of fiber fora person is 30-35 grams per day. Foods that are rich in fiber include avocados, berries, figs, Brussels sprouts, squash, beans, lentils, nuts, chia seeds and quinoa. Recent clinical studies have shown that a high fiber diet reduces the risk of persistent symptoms and bleeding by up to 50%.

Dehydration can also lead to constipation. Numerous studies, including one published by the European Nutrition Committee, show that excessive loss of fluids can promote constipation and thus aggravate hemorrhoid symptoms. To relieve constipation, one should drink at least one glass of water after each meal or snack.

Fermented foods such as raw yogurt and kefir are also recommended as they promote a  healthy digestive system. Like pro-biotic agents, they improve the function of the intestinal tract and improve the bio availability of nutrients, while facilitating digestion.

Alcohol is a heavy desiccant for the digestive system, and further aggravate the hemorrhoid symptoms. Although the data collected is not consistent, it has been found that excessive alcohol consumption is a contributing factor for the development of hemorrhoids.

Ointments and creams

Most pharmacies sell over the counter ointments and hemorrhoid creams that will help ease the pain associated with hemorrhoids. Some of them may even reduce swelling and speed up the healing process. Note however that a hydrocortisone cream should not be used for more than a week.

  • Witch hazel

This shrub, which is found mostly in Europe and America, can relieve pain and itching, two main symptoms of hemorrhoids. But since this is a natural anti-inflammatory, witch hazel could also reduce swelling. Available in a liquid formulation, it can be applied directly to the parts affected by hemorrhoids. There are also components extracted from witch hazel in par pharmaceutical products, such as anti-itch soaps and wipes.

  • Aloe vera

According to a numerous clinical studies, aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties widely considered effective against inflammatory skin diseases, including warts. Only the pure aloe vera gel  should be used to treat hemorrhoids. In addition, some patients are allergic to this component, especially those who react negatively to garlic or onions.

  • The horse chestnut

This plant is commonly used for the management of swelling and the treatment of circulatory disorders. Numerous studies have also demonstrated its virtues in improving microcirculation, capillary flow and vascular tone. Of course, these three factors are essential to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently.  Two capsules a day are usually prescribed for the cure of hemorrhoids.

  • Cypress oil

Cypress essential oil prevents blood clotting and regulates blood circulation thanks to its homeostatic and astringent properties. It  contributes to the contraction of the blood vessels and the regulating the functions of tissues. Finally, Cypress oil is also recommended to eliminate anxiety, which would help relieve constipation in some patients.

  • Italian helichrysum oil

This essential oil stimulates the secretion of gastric juices necessary for the decomposition of food and the prevention of digestive disorders. It is also a potent anti-inflammatory agent when administered topically, two to three drops applied as a dressing in the abdomen or on the area of ​​inflammation.

  • The thorny bush (or Ruscus aculeatus)

Usually recommended for treating venous insufficiency, varicose veins and edema, this red-berry plant is effective against hemorrhoids because of its vasoconstrictor properties. Generally, 2 daily capsules of 250 mg dry plant extracts are enough to relieve hemorrhoid symptoms.

  • A hot bath washed with Epsom salt

A hot bath soothes irritation caused by hemorrhoids. You can use a sitz bath or take a full bath in your bathtub. It is often said that 20 minutes of hot bath after the toilet is very effective in relieving hemorrhoid symptoms. For added efficiency, add a handful of Epsom salt to relieve the pain even more.

  • Wipes instead of toilet paper

We all know that the use of toilet paper is a factor that aggravates hemorrhoids. Rather than using toilet paper, try wipes.  Thanks to their softer textures, they do not promote the aggravation of hemorrhoid symptoms. To go one step further, you can even find wipes with soothing and anti-hemorrhoid components, such as witch hazel or aloe vera. Just make sure your wipes do not contain alcohol, perfume or any other irritating compound, which could worsen the symptoms instead of relieving them.

For more great remedies and the best hemorrhoid treatments at home, check out my extensive guide on how to eliminate hemorrhoids once and for all. 

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